Online Presence Management
Off-Site Software Develpment and Maintenance

Sometimes it paies to take the pressure off your internal task force when a big deadline is approaching. Strappy Solutions are experts in managing the 'final push' and ensuring your project meets its completion target.

Online Presence Management


"If your business is not online then you are not even at the races" - Ron Immink

Every business needs an online presence. We can build and maintain everything from a simple shop-window for your part-time craft hobby-turned-business, to a fully managed corporate gateway with built in customer relation management back end.

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Software Develpment & Maintenance

Doing everything in house may sound like a nice idea but in practice it's rarely the quickest, cheapest or most reliable solution.

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Outsourcing abroad is an appealing idea to many firms, but unless you have a wealth of experiance in the area you can end up with incomplete, buggy software with no fall-back.

Let us take the risk out of outsourcing - enjoy the benefits of affordable contrace rates, without sacrificing your right to hold somebody accountable! Your development or maintenance contract is with us. We have a reliable source of bodies to sub-source your work to and will take full responsibility for ensuring that work is delivered.

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Deadlines are something we all have to work to. Sometimes, even with the best time management systems in place, these deadlines don't get met.

If it's becoming apparent that your deadline isn't going to be met then act while you still can! Don't give your customers the opportunity to invoke expensive penalty clauses in your contracts. Speak to us and let us help you conclude your project.

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